North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Officially Condemns James Franco And Seth Rogen

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A North Korean spokesperson said, “[this] shows the desperation of the US government and American society.” He’s referring to James Franco and Seth Rogen’s new movie, The Interview. He added: A film about the assassination of a foreign leader mirrors what the US has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. And let us not forget who killed [President John F.] Kennedy – Americans.”

The basic premise of The Interview is that Franco and Rogen attempt to assassinate North Korea’s dear leader, Kim Jong Un. (Although, wouldn’t Americans feel offended if say, Iraq made a movie about assassinating our president?)

The North Koreans didn’t take too kindly to this “insult” and so, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un condemned Franco and Rogen for making this movie.

Rogen Tweeted about the condemnation, and was light-hearted about the situation.

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a 100,000 ways to be lazy

Today the Israeli community is celebrating 50 years of having a parade in new york and in Toronto and because of the movie a thousand ways to die in the west i came up with the tittle a 100,000 ways to be lazy. Today is a regular sunday my moms cooking my dad and bro are  sleeping and me and my mom do all the work while my dad and my brother who didn’t work last night wake up at 3 in the afternoon to be honest  my bro didn’t even wake yet . my dad finally decides to get up out of bed and all he does is walk up and down the place pointing at whats wrong with the place and don’t even lend a hand. My mom is doing the garbage while he chats with the neighbors acting like he can do something with a shovel when he obviously cannot. my brother didn’t go to college he works though waiting for a promotion he’s never going to get because he is uneducated and because the job pays good but if he gets fired he just going to say  i should.  well this is my life a miserable one too but all i can say is shoo